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  • About SWD

    The Shirley Water District, Massachusetts first ever Water District, is a registered community based Public Water System providing approximately 150 million gallons of clean water to Shirley, MA and the surrounding community.

    Catacunemaug Well

    Commissioned in 1950, the deep gravel packed Catacunemaug well is one of 3 in operation and is currently providing an average of 30 million gallons of clean water per year.

    Source Code #2270000-02G

    Patterson Well

    Commissioned in 1977, the 50-foot deep gravel packed Patterson well currently pumps an average of 90 million gallons per year and is Shirley's primary source of water. 

    Source Code#2270000-03G

    Walker Well

    SWD's most recently commissioned well provides nearly 30 million gallons of water to Shirley businesses and residents. 

    Source Code #2270000-04G

    Lancaster Well

    The Lancaster Well is in development and with final source approval, it will deliver additional water supply to support Town of Shirley and the surrounding area economic growth plans.

  • Vision and Mission

    Shirley Water District’s vision is to exceed our customer's expectations while delivering clean and reliable water services at a reasonable cost.


    SWD mission is to:

    • Provide reliable, high quality, affordable and sustainable water supply, treatment, and reuse systems
    • Assure responsive customer service

  • Shirley Water District People

    The goal of Shirley Water District is to provide our customers with the best drinking water and to provide services on a 24/7/365 day a year basis to our 4,900 customers. These professionals help us:

    Donald E. Farrar, Jr.

    Chair, Board of Water


    Ann M. Towne

    Member, Board of Water


    Milton E. Westover

    Member, Board of Water Commissioners

    Brian Goodman, Jr.

    SWD Manager

    Brian Boomgaarden

    Water Technician I

    Rhonda Caissie

    SWD Office Manager

    Renée Burns

    SWD Admin. Assist.

    Jenni Guthrie

    SWD Collector

  • Shirley Water Governance

    SWD is committed to being a transparent organization to promote accountability and provide customers with information. We welcome feedback from residents and businesses regarding ways to further improve.

    2022 Scheduled Commissioners Meetings

    2021 Commisioner's Meetings Agendas

    2021 Commissioners Meeting's Minutes; January through August

    2020 Commissioners Meeting's Minutes

    2019 Commissioners Meeting's Minutes

    Annual Report for Calendar Year 2020

    SWD 2020 Financial Report

    SWD 2019 Financial Report

  • Shirley Water District Notices

    SWD adheres to all state and federal regulations regarding the development, containment, and distribution of water. Please read our most recent notices.


    Posted September 15, 2021


    Released November 1, 2020

    PFAS Fact Sheet

    Posted January 10, 2020

    PFAS Results- January thru October 2021

    Updated October 27, 2021

    Lead and Copper Results- July 2021

    Posted August 11, 2021

    Rules and Regulations

    Posted June 21, 2021

    Schedule of Fees

    Updated July 8, 2021

    2020 Consumer Confidence Report

    Released April 29, 2021

  • Forms and Applications

    To better support your need for clean water, please use the following rules & regulations, along with below service application, to request services from Shirley Water District. For any questions contact our offices.

  • Contact Us

    Our office hours are from 9 AM - 1 PM, Monday through Friday. Please feel free to contact us regarding your services using the form below or calling us at (978) 425-2245. For emergencies after normal business hours, please contact Ayer/ Shirley Regional Dispatch Center at (978) 772-8200 (0) for assistance.

    124 Ayer Road, Shirley, MA
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